AUE Startup Incubator Program

AUE Startup Incubator is intensive program designed to assist students with a desire to build their own startup, furthering UAE’s youth transition into a future oriented knowledge-based economy.


You have an idea to create your own startup but don’t know how to present your project to the market?
Or you are missing more points to have a clear valuable business plan?
Or you don't even have an idea for a business but you would like to start your entrepreneurial journey?

AUE is here to support you! With an ultimate program that will help you not even from 0 but from minus point. From the point where you don’t have an idea to the point of presenting your solution on AUE pitch day!


AUE Startup Incubation

AUE Startup Incubator program welcomes AUE undergraduate, graduate students and alumni with an idea for a startup. The program primarily focuses on teaching selected teams the tools and skill sets to develop a startup that is innovative, game changing and future ready through a highly customized coaching and mentorship process.

AUE Students and Alumni will conduct numerous interviews with potential customers, clarify their business models, identify go-to-market strategies, and learn how to tell their stories to investors on AUE Pitch Day.

This program is where:





Merge into action to make impact!

Program Outline

The AUE Startup Incubator program will be incubating the most innovative teams  for an intensive period of 10 weeks where participants are expected to be learning through online workshops, coaching sessions, mentorship, successful entrepreneurship talks and inspire workshops. The goal is to equip teams with the skills and relevant knowledge that will help them overcome challenges

one entrepreneur could face on their journey of building a startup, as well as build a market validated prototype to pitch in front of a jury of experts on January 20th, 2022.


AUE Startup Incubator Program Includes

Customized workshops

Coaching sessions and training

Mentorship from worldwide experts

AUE Pitch Day

Social & Alumni events

Team work sessions

Successful entrepreneurship talks

Inspire workshops


What You Achieve ?

Driving Innovation

Ability to identify innovative concepts/business models/applications for the existing technology that can potentially improve the workflow, business model, customer experience, etc. Validate business models and discover future market opportunities. Learn to apply a business framework to ideas!


Working together with students across different colleges within the AUE to build a new go-to market strategy, business model and find resources to bring the technology/product/service to the mass market.

Entrepreneurial skills

Obtaining a first-hand experience into what it means to drive change as an entrepreneur. How to think about innovative concepts in a disruptive way, own business end-to-end, and challenge status quo. Learn transferable soft skills, mechanics of a startup and setting major milestones.


Benefit from a dedicated 1-1 mentorship with serial entrepreneurs and industry experts. Work with startup coaches from leading institutions and advance your idea to the next level.


AUE Startup Coach & Mentors

Senior Innovation Manager at Raiffeisen Bank International
Chief Executive Officer of The Futurist Company
Founder & CEO Baraka​
GM for Digital and CX Transformation, Nissan Motor Co​
Chief Executive Officer - hala
Innovation Ambassador and Mentor, Business Development at Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Timeline of AUE Startup Incubation

5 September 2021
Registration Open

Registration and submission open for startup teams

16 September 2021
Q&A session

Get to know all about the program, we will answer all your questions.

30 September 2021
Final Startup Submission

Deadline of registration and submission

05 October 2021
Opening Session

Announcement of teams participating in the program and program timeline

07 October 2021
Program Start

The program will launch range of different workshops, events and mentorship sessions.

16 January 2022
Program End

Now you are ready for AUE Pitch Day!

20 January 2022
AUE Pitch Day

Teams will get a chance to pitch their improved business models, advanced solutions, and showcase the results of their 2.5-months of work and announce successful collaborations and they will showcase their works Infront of audience, investors, judges, and key stakeholders.



Most frequent questions and answers

AUE Incubation Program  is intensive program designed to assist students with a desire to build their own startup

The only requirement is your passion to become an entrepreneur!

Day startups get the chance to pitch their improved business models, advanced solutions, and showcase the results of their 2.5-months of work in front  of the wider audience, investors, judges, and key stakeholders.

Each week you have workshop, mentorship session and other activities that help you grow your startup idea.

  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Various workshops
  • Learn to apply business framework to idea
  • Dedicated mentorship 1:1
  • Teamwork experience
  • Chance to pitch in front of investors

AUE is here to support you with custom workshop on how to create an idea!



Most frequent questions and answers

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